I am happy that we are able to walk such distance without problems. The day was foggy today and rather cold. But no insects in a forest when temperatures are about 3-4 Celcius and no sun. 

It was really good day today for walking as no wind and no rain. We wear a few layers of sport clothes be outdoor for the whole day in a comfort.

Walking with poles is also an additional “tool” for warming a body. 

I feel excited that I recognized a pine species by observing cones even in a ground level of forest.

Needles are helping in differentiating too. 

Two species of pine we have seen: Weymouth pine with longer cone and needles clustered in bunches.

It is a more popular Scots pine.

Cones and needles of spruce are totally different:

It was very excited lesson today in a forest. No leaves on trees but we still have a lot of fun walking.

We met also some friendly animals 🙂

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